Jon Agland

Principal UK federation technical support specialist

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I am a member of the technical team which run and maintain the infrastructure that underpin the UK federation (UK Access Management Federation).

The UK federation is a Jisc service that provides education and research with a method to access online resources and services through federated identity solutions, using the SAML standard. UK federation members include both Jisc members and commercial companies such as publishers.

I work to support existing and new UK federation members in managing their SAML entities, and providing technical support and advise. I routinely work with colleagues across Jisc to support, develop and deliver products and services for our Jisc members.


I started my career at the front-line of IT; at the end of phone and e-mail supporting customers of an internet service provider (ISP) in the days of dial-up internet.

Within the same company I moved onto supporting business customers with leased lines and broadband. In 2004, I joined Swansea University to support an all-Wales network of public sector sites, both as the front-line helpdesk, but also managing and supporting a number of core network services.

Whilst still at Swansea University, I moved over to Jisc Regional Support Centre Wales to advise and support Jisc’s customers in Wales in managing their technology and infrastructure. This gave me many opportunities; from managing conference programmes and leading groups to the delivery of robust technical solutions with our customers.

In 2015, I joined what is now the membership and sales division of Jisc, as a subject specialist providing network and infrastructure advise and consultancy to Jisc members, and in 2016 moved the UK federation team.

Outside of work; I'm an IT enthusiast and geek interested in networking, open source and Linux. I also enjoy listening to music and very occasionally going to gigs.