Ian Shepherd

Pricing and costing manager


As the product manager for Janet connectivity, my role is to manage the lifecycle of the network connectivity services Jisc provides to our community via the Janet network.

In practice this means researching and defining new services and then ensuring they are effectively developed, tested, launched, marketed, sold, managed, supported, enhanced and finally retired and replaced.

As you can imagine this is a real multidisciplinary juggling act but a very rewarding one especially with the peerless Janet network as the foundation.


I joined Jisc in 2013 after spending over 30 years on the dark side working for a number of commercial network system integrators. My background is in software engineering, system architecture, technical marketing and product management.

I gained my first (and only) degree*, in computing, at Imperial College London where, back in 1979, first years had to program in Pascal** on 96 hole punched cards and weren't allowed anywhere near a terminal!

Mind you, the first computer I ever worked on was an Elliott 803*** which had been donated to my secondary school by Brunel University. The first piece of software I ever wrote was in Algol 60 on 5 hole paper tape and calculated square roots using the "guess and check" method, which is pretty much how I still do things given half a chance.

* A Desmond.
** A lot like C but with all the useful bits removed.
*** There is one of these at the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park - well worth a visit if you fancy a chuckle.