Faisal Taher

UX developer


As a user experience (UX) developer, I build user interfaces and experiences across a range of digital web services within Jisc. My work draws methodologies from user-centred design, usability, and accessibility, with a goal to provide useful, usable, and meaningful user experiences.


My previous two roles have involved working as a research associate exploring shape-changing technology (devices capable of altering their physical geometry), and an inventor at an innovation company that specialises in developing mixed reality interactive products and IoT technology.

As a researcher I designed and built hardware prototypes, developed the software for them, burnt my fingertips repeatedly whilst soldering, and conducted/disseminated user research.

After moving on to industry, my focus shifted to product development, including design, requirements gathering, agile development, developing an infatuation with Raspberry Pi devices, product delivery and maintenance, and training customers.