Duncan Peberdy

Senior lead - digital learning spaces


I innovated the Sticky Campus Roadshow, a pop-up active learning classroom that universities and colleges host on campus for approximately four weeks. This fully-configured wireless resource helps generate better-informed decisions around student-centric campus developments, identifying all the 'must-have' services that enable them to be successful.

These spaces are key elements in digital transformations that deliver strategic improvements to advance learning and teaching, the student experience and accessibility, and which must embed into an institution's culture if they are to generate the improved academic outcomes and skills that better prepare students for world of work and life-long learning beyond graduation.

After running this roadshow since 2015 as an independent venture with the support of Jisc, in September 2018 the Sticky Campus became a Jisc R&D project with the aim of incorporating additional Jisc resources that will provide enhanced value for our members when hosted regionally across the UK.


Since 2006, when I became involved with the Visual Learning Lab CETL at the University of Nottingham, I've specialised in technology solutions for learning spaces within the HE sector, working both for manufacturers and suppliers and running my own consultancy that ultimately resulted in the Sticky Campus Roadshow.

Since 2014 I've published two books on active learning spaces that take an holistic look at all the inputs required to make new student-centric learning spaces successful.