David Rawnsley

UKDS senior technical coordinator


Working within the UK Data Service (UKDS), I am responsible for technical infrastructure, SDMX conversion routines, as well as web and system administration.

Selected papers and presentations
  • Rawnsley, D., C. Higgins, M. Koutroumpas, R. Sinnott, J. Watt, T. Doherty, A. Hume and A. Turner. (2009). ‘Spatial data e-infrastructure.’  5th International Conference on e-Social Science. Koln, Germany, 24-26 June 2009.
  • Rawnsley, D. (2009) ‘GeoConvert: creating that spatial relationship.’ IASSIST Conference. Tampere, Finland, 26-29 May 2009.
  • Rawnsley, D. (2011). ‘Data feed collaboration between academia and government to improve dissemination of the UK 2011 census.’ IASSIST Conference. Vancouver, Canada, 30 May-3 June 2011.


I am a qualified software engineer, joining Mimas whilst still at university as a placement student. Once qualified, I began work on the SuperJournals project, one of the first online journal systems in the world.

Moving on to work in the liaison section, I looked after our users and their institutes in the North West of England, Yorkshire and Wales.

Before moving to my current position in the UK Data Service, I spent 10 years working within the Census Dissemination Unit, writing code for their web interfaces, providing training courses and organising the technical infrastructure.