Benjamin Perry

User experience specialist

My blog posts

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My role as user experience (UX) specialist is to ensure that the user experience of our digital products is aligned with business and user needs. And that the work of our team follows a robust UX/user-centred design process.

I do this through:

  • Conducting research and leading on the design and UX enhancement of core Jisc services. Creating site maps, user flows, journey maps and wireframes to visualise and validate concepts. Designing information architectures, taxonomies, user interfaces and functionality that helps our users achieve their goals
  • Leading on the creation and development of Jisc's standards for UX and design that governs our online presence – building a unified and consistent user experience and member offer
  • Working in close collaboration with our insight team, leading on primary research activities to support Jisc's understanding of our members' needs, rapidly iterating structure, architecture and journeys
  • Supporting work on content strategy, content design and wider UX and digital strategy