Ashley Sanders

Senior application developer


I work in the library and bibliographic services team and spend the majority of my time working on Copac and programming. I developed and maintain the programs that run the Copac interfaces (both human and machine), along with the Copac data loading and de-duplication programs. I also created the programs that run the Zetoc search interfaces.

With a strong coding background, I am conversant with a number of scripting languages, such as C++, XSLT and shell scripts. Now that we have the C++11 standard, I find that if a shell script isn’t working, then C++ and the Boost libraries provide a good scripting language.


I’ve been with Copac since its inception in 1995.  I am a keen attender of the ACCU conference, finding it to be the best place to improve my skills. Through this affiliation, I discovered Test Driven Development, a technique I can no longer code without.