Andrew Cormack

Chief regulatory adviser, Jisc technologies

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Beyond Safe Harbour – what happens now?

Two weeks ago the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decided that the Safe Harbour agreement, which was concerned with the transmission of personal... >>

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My current role is to keep Jisc technologies and Janet Network connected organisations informed about the legal, policy and security issues around networks and networked services.

Computer networks are a long way from the lawless "wild west" that some fear. Not only do all real-world laws apply to on-line activities, there are many laws specific to networks as well.

My job is to keep track of those, and ensure that the Janet Network's policies and services conform to them.

I've also contributed to the development of a number of laws - including on defamation, copyright and criminal content - to help make them more effective in protecting networks and their users.


Previously I ran the JANET-CERT and EuroCERT incident response teams.

Media coverage

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