Alistair McNaught

Subject specialist (accessibility and inclusion)

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My role is to advise on how organisations can use technology to maximise accessibility. This involves best practice in supporting disabled learners but it also involves creating better experiences for all learners - and indeed staff.

I have a particular interest in helping join together the elements that go to create an accessible learning experience, working with a range of stakeholders from publishers to content creators, teaching staff, library staff, student support and IT teams.

Key parts of my work include supporting practice and policy in a wide range of sectors so that as organisations use technology more they maximise accessibility benefits, minimise the barriers and help develop more independent resourceful learners.


I spent 20 years in the classroom as a geography teacher, four years in full time staff development and then 10 years with Jisc TechDis prior to my current role.

My interest in technology was purely functional: how could I provide increased independence for learners, more engagement and better skills development. 

My prime interest is in good teaching and learning practices.

I am currently studying for MA in writing for children to tie in with a wide range of outside work interests.

My hobby interests mainly hinge around being outdoors, being creative and being curious.