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Research data spring

Technical tools, software and service solutions to support the researchers’ workflows, the use and management of their data


This project was archived on 31 January 2017

  • 2 years

    Ended 31 Oct 2016

  • Budget:

    £250k to £1m

  • Expected outcome:


Research and research data

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Project timeline

This project ran until autumn 2016

Making sense of journal data policies

From the Jord project onwards, Jisc have been aware of the difficulties that an unclear data policy presents when selecting a suitable...

Research data spring showcase

Two years ago we launched the research data spring initiative. It has been challenging but a most exciting experience. From 70 ideas, and...

OR2016 conference report

It feels very much like another world, but two weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the OR2016 conference in Trinity College, Dublin...

RDM Shared Services November Workshops

Last week Jisc held two workshops at Conference Aston around proposed shared services for research data. The workshops were over two days...

Research Data Alliance 6th Plenary

The Research Data Alliance formed in 2012 with a vision for researchers and innovators to openly share data across technologies,...

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