R & D project

Improving acquisition of digital archival collections

Supporting librarians to make data-driven decisions when acquiring primary source collections


This project was archived on 31 October 2017

  • 5 months

    Ended 31 Jul 2017

  • Budget:

    £50k to £250k

  • Expected outcome:

    New service

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Meet the project team

Peter Findlay
Peter Findlay

Digital portfolio manager, Jisc

Paola Marchionni
Paola Marchionni

Head of product, content and discovery, Jisc

Joanna Ball

Joanna Ball

Head of library content delivery and digital strategy, University of Sussex

Project timeline

This project ran until summer 2017

Digital archival collections acquisition pilot launches

Reveal Digital agreement launched

Digital archival collections advisory group kick-off meeting

Improving acquisition of digital archival collections project starts.