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Equipment sharing made easy

Helping universities, colleges and the research community to share equipment with each other, and with industry

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This project ended on 31 July 2019

  • 5 years and 1 month

    Ended 31 Jul 2019

  • Budget:

    £50k to £250k

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Research and research data
HPC Midlands supercomputer
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HPC Midlands supercomputer
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Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
Loughborough University
University of Southampton

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Project timeline

This project ran until summer 2019

Case Study: Isaac Abrahams, QMUL

Dr Isaac Abrahams uses a variety of different equipment both internally and sharing it externally in the field of chemistry. ...

MERIL, automation and core facilities

The last two months have been full of travelling for the equipment team at Jisc. We were first at the S-lab conference, then attended the...

May: update on equipment.data

Just the other day, we hit our first target for equipment.data. There are now 51 institutions contributing more than 13 thousand pieces...

S-lab conference and equipment sharing

Last week, Martin Hamilton and I attended the S-lab conference at the BBSRC Rothamsted Research. S-lab is an initiative that supports...

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