R & D project

Digital apprenticeships

Using data to enhance and improve the apprenticeship journey

  • 2 years

    Ends 31 Aug 2019

  • Budget:

    £50k to £250k

  • Expected outcome:

    New service

Data and analytics
Students working at North Lindsay College
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Students working at North Lindsay College
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Meet the project team

Project timeline

This project will run until summer 2019

Getting ready for Digital Apprentice

We are soon going to be starting to recruit institutions to be part of the pilot group for Digital Apprentice, so it seems timely to...

Apprenticeship requirements

We’re working on ways to improve the apprentice experience by capturing and analysing the many kinds of data that can be collected throu...

Data sources

Within the Digital Apprenticeships project we have been reflecting on the data sources that we would need to extract data from in order ...

Digital apprenticeships project starts.