R & D project

Business intelligence project

Working in partnership with HESA to deliver a national business intelligence service for the higher education sector

  • 4 years and 2 months

    Ends 31 Aug 2018

  • Budget:

    Over £1m

  • Expected outcome:

    New service

Data and analytics
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Our project partners

Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)

Meet the project team

Project timeline

This project will run until summer 2018

Analytics Labs Summer 2017 Update

It’s been a busy six months within Analytics Labs.  Our second 2017 cohort has just completed and their showcase event took place...

New dashboards coming soon

Four dashboards developed by development teams as part of the HESA and Jisc Business Intelligence Initiative are already available in...

Analytics Lab 2017 Team Progress

Our 2017 Analytics Lab development teams are have been busy over the past month investigating problems to solve and acquiring the data...

Athena Swan

We recently announced that in December 2016, we will be releasing into Heidi Plus  a number of dashboards produced during the past three...

Looking forward to 2017 

The outcomes (both tangible and intangible) of the Heidi Lab initiative from 2015 through to autumn 2016 have gone beyond our hopes and...

Heidi Plus BI system launched

On 30 November 2015, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) launched Heidi Plus, the new business intelligence service for the UK...

Heidi Plus service launched

Welcome to the new web site

Welcome to this joint business intelligence initiative between HESA and Jisc. We’re all really excited to get the web site live and the...

Business intelligence project project starts.