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Biomedical research infrastructure software service (BRISSKit)

A platform enabling biomedical and translational researchers to manage and combine datasets for patient cohorts


This project was archived on 31 March 2016

  • 1 year and 5 months

    Ended 31 Dec 2015

  • Budget:

    Over £1m

  • Expected outcome:


Data and analytics
Research and research data
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University of Leicester

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This project ran until winter 2015

How technology-enabled data sharing could aid medical research

Researchers who work to harness scientific understanding and translate it into best practice recommendations are invaluable in the search for a cure for diseases such as cancer, treatments for medical conditions, and for accelerating the speed in which drugs go from concept to useable, personalised medicines for patients. 
Dr Jonathan Tedds

Biomedical research infrastructure software service (BRISSKit) project starts.