Education 4.0

Transforming the future of education

What do we want education to look like?

The future of edtech


Edtech 2K19, what’s in store?

Futurist Martin Hamilton looks at why 2019 is the time to think seriously about how education can harness new technologies.

How members are embracing Education 4.0

How technology is at the heart of Grimsby Institute

Insights into our digital future


Building the intelligent campus

How could we use Internet of Things devices to help us make our campuses intelligent, and what are the potential perils and pitfalls?


Deep dreaming of AI in education

From recognising and classifying data to generating new content from scratch, this explores how AI is being used in education.


How we innovate

Steered by our members' priorities, our co-design work is designed to address pressing issues in HE and FE through technology. Want to get involved? Email

From the web

Why data is like “gold dust” for universities

Monitoring students’ could improve their experiences, but there is a fine line between smart technology and surveillance.

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How can we prepare students today for the world of tomorrow?

Imagine if universities all pull together to harness the power of technology for good?

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Enhancing the curriculum with learning analytics

Providers are adopting learning analytics systems to help improve the retention and attainment of students.

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