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Launching the virtual classroom: breaking down barriers

As the lead college for the West of England Institute of Technology, Weston College has launched a virtual classroom with Jisc's support, showcasing how technology can drive an inclusive 21st century education.

Read more about how Weston College is enhancing human connections through technology..

Jon Hofgartner, director of education technology, Weston College

"Using digital technology to amplify the human factor in teaching might seem counter-intuitive but using tech in the right way can break down barriers and help educators facilitate learning."

ReportIT infrastructure reviews: key findings New

A series of 118 infrastructure reviews with Jisc members have highlighted the extensive risks associated with long-term under-investment in IT and digital infrastructure, throughout the UK further education (FE) and skills sectors.

Report Can edtech startups solve the biggest challenges faced by UK universities?

The first report of our edtech series focuses on understanding each of the most urgent priorities that university senior leaders will face over the next three years.

Gideon Shimshon, director of digital learning and innovation, Imperial College London

"Across our traditional courses, we have 18,000 students on campus. Now, on our mathematics for machine-learning module alone we're reaching 180,000 learners through the internet - contributing to tackling the immense skills gap in this domain."


Weston College launches UK’s first virtual classroom for further education

College partners with Jisc and Barco to build trailblazing ‘virtual classroom’ to support West of England Institute of Technology

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Thoughts and ideas about the way that cloud is transforming education and research.

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