Screenshot of rethinking digital leadership panel recording
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Screenshot of rethinking digital leadership panel recording

Rethinking digital leadership

What has the pandemic taught universities about leadership? Three members of the Digifest steering panel discuss the evolving role of digital technologies, the changing needs of students, and the future role of higher education

In conversation:

  • Cameron Mirza, chief of party of USAID, pre-service teacher education in Jordan
  • Debbie Holley, professor of learning innovation, faculty of health and social sciences at Bournemouth University
  • Sarah Jones, deputy dean, faculty of computing, engineering and media, De Montfort University

Visions of the future

Debbie Holley


"If we're going to have a greater digital agenda, we need to do some business process re-engineering within our institutions, really focusing on good teaching, learning and assessment, and really thinking about the student experience."

Sarah Jones


"We have a great opportunity right now. We can't wait and then look back retrospectively at our experiences through the pandemic. We need to seize this opportunity to really question, what is a university? Surely, it's about transformation."

Cameron Mirza


"What we need now is a sector that has imagination and empathy to build a new vision. Those answers come from talking to our key stakeholders; our students, our faculty, our communities - and listening. In that way, I think we can build a more high-quality and inclusive sector."


Digital leadership will be explored in-depth in the sessions, debates and workshops of Jisc’s four-day digital event, Digifest 2021, which takes place 8-11 March. 

Digifest is free to Jisc members - registration closes Friday 26 February 2021.