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Daniel Norton from the University of Leicester studying analytics on screen
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Daniel Norton from the University of Leicester studying analytics on screen
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Data-driven decision-making

Paul Bailey

In the highly-competitive environment we’re all working in now, how do you make important, potentially transformative decisions? You can’t go with your gut feeling or just do what you’ve always done, and even making a calculated guess is risky. This is why more and more organisations are putting their data to work to help them make better, carefully thought-out choices. We can help you do the same.

Our new learning analytics service 

The student data that you already gather can help you plan your responses to big strategic issues – including retaining students, maximising their attainment and delivering a high quality learning experience. 

We’ve developed a learning analytics service (currently in beta) that enables you to work with your data efficiently and cost-effectively whether you’re new to data analytics or you’ve got projects already under way.

It provides architecture, data standards and  tools that can also interoperate with leading commercially developed products and services so that you can add on solutions as your projects take shape. 

Gather and store data cost-effectively 

The learning data hub is our storage solution, offering a more cost-effective alternative to hosting and managing your own in-house data store. It uses data from your student record systems and live student activity data – and does it using consistent, defined standards that will support data analysis.  

Use it to make predictions and spot problems early 

The learning analytics predictor can help you to identify which students may struggle. Combining historical data sources with live study and engagement data it flags the early warning signs of disengagement so you can plan timely interventions before students fall behind or drop out completely. 

Explore data on individual students 

Drill deeper into the detail with data explorer, a visualisation tool that enables you to identify at-risk students, manage and record your interventions and understand how the curriculum is meeting student needs (or not).  

Engage and motivate students 

Often, students have imperfect knowledge of how they’re doing. But most of them like a mobile app and study goal is one that gives them clearer insight into their own engagement and performance.  

They can use it to view the activity data you are using for learning analytics. They can also review the engagement data about attendance at lectures, assignment marks and online activity to check they are on track and then set targets to improve their engagement, motivate and reward themselves. 

Get the basics right 

We’re all about helping you to work smarter and cost-effectively so we’ve developed a learning analytics purchasing service to help you make informed buying decisions and simplify procurement.

When you buy products and services from commercial vendors on our accredited list we’ll do the due diligence for you. We’ll also help you get the contracts right so that you have the products, services and support that you need, as well as assurance that legal issues such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)1 are taken care of.  

Members have often told us that the technical aspects of a learning analytics project can be less tricky than the cultural ones. If you’re planning to implement learning analytics you’ll need staff, students and various other stakeholders to be fully behind you. Our learning analytics consultancy can help you to uncover stakeholder attitudes to analytics, formulate plans to demonstrate its benefits and allay any worries they have. 

Our consultancy is for universities and colleges that want a tailored programme of more intensive support. The consultants can help you with a range of issues, including assessing institutional readiness for learning analytics, developing an implementation strategy, and learning more about intervention planning and managing culture change.

Find out more about our learning analytics beta service.


  • 1 The new GDPR legislation, which replaces the Data Protection Act and will come into effect in May 2018