Cyber security

To help you get the most from your Jisc membership, we work to protect the Janet Network and connect organisations

We protect the network

We run the world-class Janet Network on behalf of research and education in the UK.

Because of this, it’s vital we protect it – detecting and resolving issues that might affect availability, in an effort to ensure seamless access for users.

Security operations centre
Safeguarding the Janet Network

Janet Network CSIRT
Monitoring and resolving any security incidents that occur on the Janet Network

We protect your organisation

As well as protecting the Janet Network, we also protect your own IT estate. We can respond to cyber security incidents and work to mitigate them, to help protect your reputation and safeguard users.

DDoS mitigation
A range of services to help reduce the risk of losing your connection

Security operations centre
Sharing intelligence and advice to help keep your own networks safe

Email advice and testing
Testing your mail servers and reporting unauthorised relays

Security blacklists and whitelists
Access our copies of several leading DNS blacklists and whitelists to protect your users from email abuse

We help you protect your organisation

As well as offering direct protection, we enable access to a range of additional cyber security services – helping you add layers of defence to your security capability.

Penetration testing
Evaluate and improve the security of your system or network by simulating real-world attacks

Vulnerability assessment and information service
Detect and manage internal and external vulnerabilities within your IT estate

Simulated phishing and associated training
Reduce the risks from phishing and related attacks by giving users the skills and awareness to spot threats

Web filtering and monitoring framework
A range of web filtering and monitoring solutions enabling you to apply your web use policies

Cyber security financial X-ray
A transparent overview of cyber security costs to help you assess levels of protection and identify vulnerabilities

Monitor your network activity

View DDoS mitigation data and traffic on your Janet Network connection through our cyber security portal.

Visit the cyber security portal