Through the world-class Janet Network you can connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere, supported by our connectivity services.

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Access and roaming

Offering secure and seamless internet access and roaming across organisations, locations and devices via the Janet Network.


We protect the network

We help you procure


Whether it is helping you navigate digital challenges with merger support, or ensuring your IT systems can support your organisation's vision with our infrastructure review, we have sector-specific expertise to offer you advice and practical support.


Our R&D work

Events and training


Tech 2 Tech, 16 July 2018

A chance to meet face-to-face to shape the future of the Janet Network and understand what the new access programme will offer.


eduroam fundamentals

Giving you an understanding of how eduroamUK operates at both basic technical and support levels.

News and updates

Watch our LoLa performance at Digifest 2018

Musicians across the UK demonstrated the power of LoLa and the Janet Network.

The possibilities of the Janet Network

Creating communities, connecting people and sparking innovation.

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