We act for the whole of UK education and research to bring you competitive cloud solutions, through a range of frameworks together with consultancy to help you achieve your strategic goals.

How we can help you

Consultancy and support

Our bespoke consultancy services will help you to fully understand your organisation’s current digital capability and business processes and articulate your vision of an ideal IT environment.

The aim is to formulate a coherent strategy for cloud adoption and develop a transformation roadmap.

  • Cloud consultancy
    Guidance with using the cloud to achieve wider digital goals
  • Infrastructure review
    Helps you assess the capability and effectiveness of your current infrastructure
  • Financial X-ray
    Determines the overall cost and uses detailed benchmarking against peers to assess the effectiveness of your IT services

Backup and storage

Cloud storage lets you access data from anywhere, any time, while cloud site recovery helps you protect important applications.

  • Arkivum offline data archiving solution
    - via our data archiving framework
  • Amazon Web Services such as S3, Glacier, and EBS
  • Microsoft Azure storage (Blobs, Table, Queue and Files) as well as Backup and Site Recovery
  • Storage solutions from original cloud providers - CloudSigma, Dimension Data and Interoute

    - all via the GÉANT IaaS framework

Computing resources

Deploy in the cloud via virtual machines and benefit from unlimited high-performance computing resources, NoSQL and SQL database services.

  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and Relational Database Service (RDS)
  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (VM) and VM Scale Sets
  • CloudSigma VMs: Uni Lab and Research Lab
  • Computing resources from other original cloud providers - Dimension Data and Interoute

    - all via the GÉANT IaaS framework

Direct connectivity

Cost-effective, reliable and resilient connectivity to Azure – via the Janet Network and Microsoft’s Azure connection service, ExpressRoute.

Networking / infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Create private networks in the cloud with full control over IP addresses, DNS servers, security rules and traffic flows.

  • Amazon Elastic Load Balancing and Route 53
  • Microsoft Azure products - Load Balancer ,Virtual Network and Active Directory
  • Networking services from original cloud providers - CloudSigma, Dimension Data and Interoute

    - all via the GÉANT IaaS framework

Shared data centres (north and south)

A cost-effective solution for UK research and education through the co-location of systems and services.


Quick Guide

Cloud computing

A quick look at the benefits for institutions of adopting a cloud first strategy.

Cloud - a step-by-step guide (pdf)

The five steps to the cloud are strategy, discovery, approach, plan and implement. Find out how they work in practice.

Download pdf

News and updates

Inform feature

Upgrading the Janet Network

Your world-class Janet Network is getting a boost. Find out what is going to happen and why.

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