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From chatbots and digital assistants to adaptive learning platforms and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to help educators better understand and meet the needs of their learners.

The national centre for AI in tertiary education exists to support members in using artificial intelligence effectively.

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Our latest report on artificial intelligence in tertiary education is a primer on what AI can do, what the future holds, and what to consider in order to implement it ethically.

Read the AI in tertiary education report.



What is the role of chatbots in tertiary education?

Join this online workshop to find out more about the role of chatbots in tertiary education.

Date and location
  • 8 December 2022
  • Online


How AI has the potential to disrupt student assessment

Join us as we examine recent advancements in content generating AI tools and consider how they may impact the future of assessment.

Date and location
  • 13 December 2022
  • Online


AI in tertiary education summer event

Our summer event explored how AI can enhance and transform education.

Watch the summer event recording.


An introduction to AI

An introductory session that looked at the fundamental concepts underlying AI.

Watch the introductory session recording.

Publications and resources


How to explore AI image generation

A quick guide on how to try out these tools and how to examine the training data behind them


How might AI content generation disrupt assessment?

There have recently been huge advances in the ability of AI to generate content, including text, images and computer code.


A pathway towards responsible, ethical AI

Discussions of artificial intelligence (AI) often jump straight to “ethics”. But there may be a better way.


A maturity model for AI in tertiary education

This model brings together ideas from a number of other more general AI maturity models, including ones from Microsoft and Gartner.


Exploring innovations in assessment

To understand more about how learners and educators are currently benefiting from innovations in assessment, we spoke to Dr Karen Henderson from UWE Bristol.


How AI adds value for education institutions and for learners

Pinning down AI’s potential by identifying how this innovation can add value to the sector.

National centre for AI blog

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Upcoming pilots

We are piloting a number of promising AI products, so that we can share insights into which products add value and in what circumstances. Join our mailing list to be notified about upcoming pilots, advice on how to get involved and the centre’s other work.

Current pilots

Our pilots so far have included a range of exciting AI products including an AI assisted marking tool, a chatbot for student queries, and a virtual reality interview simulator. 


Status: ongoing

Our chatbot, based on Bolton College’s Ada, is currently being piloted by four UK colleges. The chatbot is tailored for each institution to respond to a range of common student queries with the intention of improving student experience and reducing staff workload.  

Read more about our chatbot findings on our blog


Status: ongoing

Graide is an end to end assessment tool which utilises AI to assist with marking and feedback for STEM subjects. Graide suggests feedback to the marker based on previously graded answers, and continuously improves its suggestions based on the marker’s input. In this pilot, we are evaluating how Graide might reduce time spent marking whilst improving the quality of feedback.

Read about our Graide findings on our blog


Status: completed

Bodyswaps combines virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence to create immersive simulations which help learners to develop their soft skills. This pilot was undertaken as a roadshow, which visited five institutions where participating students experienced Bodyswaps’ job simulator modules.

Based on our pilot, we recommend Bodyswaps as an effective and engaging way to offer employability skills development and interview preparation to students in colleges and universities.

Read the full Bodyswaps pilot report (pdf).  

Andy McGregor, director of edtech, Jisc:

"AI offers the chance to help every student reach their highest potential by offering highly personalised education. However, this will only work if AI is used to augment the important role teachers play in education, and if ethics are at the forefront of implementing AI tools."