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Khalid Al-anker, learning technologist and practitioner, Grimsby Institute
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Khalid Al-anker, learning technologist and practitioner, Grimsby Institute

Embedding learning technologies

We worked with Khalid Al-anker, learning technologist and practitioner, Grimsby Institute on their programme to give learning technologies a pivotal role in improving learner engagement and boosting attainment.

“When our college launched its new strategy a few years ago, senior managers asked the department of innovation to put technology-enhanced learning centre stage across all curriculums.

"One of the most important things we must do is prepare learners for the workplace. And through gamification that is what’s happening. We’ve caught our learners with technology.

"In some ways the technology is the easy bit. We needed to make sure that everyone at the institute has support to get the best out of our investment in technology and we’ve been working with Jisc on our programme to give students and staff confidence and appropriate digital skills. We’ve identified the needs of individual groups and we’re addressing them with targeted sessions for learners and a staff development programme that’s enabling staff to make big strides fast.

"Our latest Ofsted report highlighted the positive impact that our CPD is having.”