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Data empowers Welsh students to meet their goals

HE students in Wales are benefiting from the world’s first national learning analytics system, with universities across the country using data to understand how their students are learning – helping them to achieve more and supporting their wellbeing.

Martin Lynch, learning systems manager, University of South Wales, says:

“We’re the first institution to start working with Jisc’s learning analytics predictor tool and we’re testing it to see how it helps us to identify students who are at risk of struggling.

"All our students have a personal academic coach who meets with them individually at least once a term and this information will give coaches a really good place to start a conversation. Over the coming year we will also prototype student dashboards so students can see what staff are seeing and this will be a step towards getting them involved in learning design and in customising their own learning.

"We’re committed to the Jisc learning analytics service for the next three years because we believe it’s extremely good value for money. We’ve built it together… It feels like a listening project and that fosters adoption and acceptance.”