R & D project

Managed firewall and routing service

Ensuring Janet-connected customers have access to cost-effective managed firewall and routing services.


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This project resulted in the managed firewall service.

2 years and 7 months


Expected outcome:

New service

What we're doing

As a Jisc member, and part of the connected community, you're already protected with our DDoS and CSIRT services on every Janet IP connection. We work with our members to offer managed services; namely our managed router service.

To address the needs of those who do not have the skills or resource to establish, manage or maintain a firewall, we explored a range of managed firewall services to integrate with our managed router service.

The service offers a scalable range of solutions to mitigate the risks your organisation faces.

Why does this matter?

We understand the need to protect your network from growing cyber threats. For some, this is difficult to manage, with security protection needing reactive and skilled intervention to keep ahead of the evolving threat landscape.

We run the world-class Janet Network on behalf of research and education in the UK. It’s vital we protect and support our members, using the intelligence gathered within the community to detect and resolve issues that might affect availability.

This new family of managed firewall and routing services will give you peace of mind that Jisc will mitigate risks against your network and deliver additional security services, avoiding disruption and costly or reputational impact.

Collating your requirements

Through both an online survey, and interviews hosted by account managers, we have had over 40 FE and HE members input into our understanding of the requirements for this managed service. 

A number of people indicated in the online survey that they would be happy to be contacted to discuss the project. If we have not already been in touch, we may reach out to you in the upcoming stages to ensure that what we build meets the needs of the sector. Thank you to all who have contributed so far.

Final steps

We selected an operating partner with whom we designed, built and operated the new service and announced that KHIPU were successful in this bid. The project moved into its design and build phase, addressing the requirements of the UK education and research, in order to raise the security posture across the community. We launched the service in June 2022 for early adopters, with general availability for all our members and customers expected by August 2022.