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You may find the application process simpler using the domain registry portal where you can track the application process.

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Applicant's details

The applicant's details must be the details of the person submitting the request, ie Jisc approved registrar.

Domain name details

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Please record the associated acronyms directly associated with the application or list the domain owner.

Organisation owning the domain

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Contact details for organisation using the domain

This information will be shared with the relevant naming committee for the use of this application and will remain private.

Public registrant contact

This information will be published in the public Whois. By doing so, you and your customer agree to GDPR requirements. The details can be the same as above or generic details, such as hostmaster/IT manager/clerk.

Registrar contact

The registrar contact must be an employee of the registrar hosting the domain name.

Nameserver details

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Please give the details of at least one and up to nine secondary nameserver(s).

Additional information

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Submission receipt

Privacy notice

The information above is needed for us to setup this hosted internet service. We’ll use it, as described in our standard privacy notice, to provide the service you’ve requested, manage it and to identify problems or ways to make the service better. We’ll keep the information until we are told that you are no longer the representative for your organisation, or until your organisation no longer wishes Jisc to host the service.