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Our new digital pedagogy toolkit takes a challenge-based approach by presenting you with a series of scenarios describing areas of digital practice you may want to develop. These include delivering live online learning with students, designing engaging VLE courses and managing digital communities of practice.

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Digital teaching must be better, say learners

The digital experience insights student report 2020 has told us that 81% of HE students and 68% of FE learners had access to reliable on-campus wifi. These figures are lower than is desirable – access to these services is critical to learning.

Looking across the survey findings, there are some clear indications of the challenges the sector needs to address to improve the digital learning experience. Three that stand out are:

  • Continuous and ‘high-vis’ support for developing the digital capabilities
  • Pedagogy and transformational learning design
  • Addressing digital access and inequality

For more insights to inform your planning, explore the digital experience insights reports for higher education and further education.

Dr Paul Phillips CBE
Principal and chief executive, Weston College

"If we can achieve true blended delivery, then work-life balance, delivery models and learner satisfaction will themselves help to sustain a very different future."

Read the full Weston College story.

Report VLE review report 2020 New

Analysing the VLE reviews we completed with our members. What can we learn from these interactions?

Report Assessment rebooted

How do institutions ensure that remote assessment is secure, verify the identity of candidates for assessment and ensure that they are not making illicit use of reference materials?

Guide Designing learning and assessment in a digital age

Our guide explores how digital tools can make a difference to the art of learning design. Includes a chapter on digital capability and employability

Ruth Grindey
Director of development at UCEM

“Reflecting on take-home exams in the context of a business continuity exercise to replace in-person exams at short notice, it has certainly been an effective approach and provided a good student experience. The feedback from student representatives before, during and after the assessment has been very positive."

Read the full UCEM story.

Be part of the community

Building digital capability community of practice
Meets regularly for colleagues to work together on all aspects of digital capability for staff and students.

Enhancing learning and teaching with technology: FE community group
Support colleagues in FE to connect with peers, share best practice and address local and national challenges around the use of technology in learning and teaching.

Join the accessibility community group
Connect with peers to learn more about meeting accessibility regulations and co-create resources to avoid duplicating work.

Join the digital leaders community
Share your digital leadership stories and learn from peers and sector experts.

Services to support you

Helping you plan and deliver a high quality learning experience


Building digital capability
Equip staff and students to thrive in a digital world.

Digital experience insights
Provides insights into your digital environment through the eyes of students and staff.

Chest: Examity
An online invigilation solution for learning validation.

Learning analytics
Gain a deeper understanding of how your curriculum is functioning.

Enabling safe and easy access to the information and resources you need


Seamless off-site and on-site access to library applications and web resources.

UK Access Management Federation
Enables intra- and inter-organisational authentication and authorisation.

Cloud – consultancy 365
Creating a platform for innovation and sharing content & resources.

Cyber security – penetration testing
Keeps you digital environment secure, maintaining the digital experience for staff and students.

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