Developing a digital workforce

Equip staff and students with digital skills to thrive in the workplace.

The workplace is changing. Teaching staff are expected to embrace blended learning, and students preparing for work are expected to be digitally proficient, as well as hold the soft skills required for the job.

How can you prepare your students for the digital demands of their future workplace? How can you develop students’ soft skills into learning to increase their employment prospects? How can you ensure you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to deliver a curriculum that meets these needs? Here you’ll find helpful guides, events, reports, and examples of effective practice.

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Using technology to support student employability

Our employability toolkit provides a framework and useful guidance that can be adopted by you to aid dialogue, decision-making and planning for developing student employability.

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Chris Davies
Head coach and founder, Graduate Coach

"In order to help students and graduates to launch their digital careers, it's important that we help them to understand the current graduate job market, what skills employers are looking for and how to successfully navigate the rigorous job application process."

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Student experience experts group
A group of representatives from FE and HE that meet twice a year to receive updates on current Jisc work and to provide valuable feedback on its relevance to their community..

Digital leaders community group
Share your digital leadership stories and learn from peers and sector experts.

Advice and services to support you

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  • Improving your staff’s digital capabilities and confidence
  • Knowledge of access to digital resources and content services
  • Developing an inclusive approach to using technology in your planning and delivery
  • Supporting the development of employability skills and enhancing the learner experience

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Building digital capability
Supporting you to feel digitally confident when teaching and understand the digital employability skills.

Digital experience insights
Help your staff target the digital capabilities and confidence of students.

Improve student experience reducing the risk of students slipping through the net. 

Cloud consultancy
By your side if you're launching Office 365.

Empower students to stand out when looking for job.

Vocational learning resources
Resources that enable staff to deliver an enhanced learning experience.

Guidance and reports

Resources equipping staff and students with the digital skills to thrive in the workplace.

Rethinking assessment

Has the pandemic helped to move us to an assessment system that is more relevant, adaptable and trustworthy? Is assessment any more relevant, adaptable and trustworthy than it was in May 2020?

Are any of these changes going to last – and what needs to happen to continue the assessment revolution? This new report looks at whether assessment has become more relevant, adaptable and trustworthy.

Read the full rethinking accessibility report.

Employability rebooted: democratising the future of work

This report considers the student and graduate journey from enrolment at university to first experience of the workplace, and focuses on key interactions and touchpoints between students, universities and employers along that journey.

By mapping out key points at which access to specific experiences or interventions can help or hinder the employment prospects of students from underrepresented backgrounds, we are able to highlight examples of best practice and specific opportunities for universities, employers or technology startups to provide more support.

Read the employability rebooted: democratising the future of work report.

Digital pedagogy toolkit

Although the challenges faced with embedding digital within programmes of study will inevitably vary across sectors and even within institutions, there are nevertheless shared themes. The purpose of the digital pedagogy toolkit is to surface those themes and provide you with ideas for embedding digital wisely whilst underpinning the pedagogy.

Read the digital pedagogy toolkit.

The future of employer-university collaboration — a vision for 2030

The disruption to ‘business as usual’ for UK higher education in the COVID-19 pandemic has brought employability outcomes to the fore, as students scrutinise their future prospects and employers seek ever more vital digital skills.

This new report looks at how six universities have collaborated with employers, the barriers and strategic considerations, and the areas that display the most potential for growth over the next decade through the harnessing of technology and the involvement of edtech startups.

Read the future of employer-university collaboration report.


Digital skills and employability in a transformed workplace

Chris takes a quick look at the issue of employability and digital skills, and how we are preparing college and university leavers to enter a transformed workplace.

Digital skills must go hand-in-hand with human skills

While developing digital skills is important, the rise of artificial intelligence will only increase the value of human skills such as collaboration and innovation - universities need to instil both in their students to prepare them for the future of work.

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