Library support

We provide libraries with centrally-maintained services to save you time and money across the information resources management lifecycle. ​

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Helping libraries save thousands

We've launched the second wave of our group purchasing pilot for digital archival collections

Our library support services offer

Negotiating on your behalf

Jisc Collections

Jisc Collections negotiates with publishers at a national level to procure and license affordable digital content for the UK education and research community.

Purchasing and licence management

We help you to purchase digital content subscriptions and offer clear guidance on different licences.

  • Jisc Collections
    Subscribe, renew and implement your access to digital resources
  • Knowledge Base+
    See what's included in your digital subscriptions and how they can be used
  • JUSP
    Usage statistics gathered and quality-assured on your behalf

Discovery and delivery

We’re supporting your discovery of digital and print collections and will help ensure the delivery of appropriate copies.

  • Archives Hub
    Search for archives held at over 300 UK institutions, and find out how to become a contributor
  • Copac
    Search the catalogues of around 100 major UK and Irish libraries in a single interface
  • CORE
    Access millions of open access research papers
  • Knowledge Base+
    A trusted list of titles to which you can subscribe then offer to users
    Help with finding journals across the UK
  • Zetoc
    Search over 52 million journal and conference papers and set up alerts on British Library data

Tracking ongoing access

We provide libraries with information needed to understand their long term access rights and routes to digital content.

  • Knowledge Base+
    View detailed records of e-resource entitlements during and after subscription
  • Keepers Registry
    See which e-journals are being archived and by whom

Evaluation and review

Helping you understand the value of your digital subscriptions and non-digital collections to inform collection management decisions.