Tod Cury
It is great news to hear that FutureLearn is being set up to promote free online course offerings.

I run a private UK based college and we have a free online learning programme in clinical hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We have been offering this for the past year and now have over 500 registered global students. We deliver the programme using Moodle.

The course is validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council, however I would welcome interest from any university/HE that would want to validate/accredit the programme as part of their free offering.

We support MOOCs!
Mark Stimpfig
We have a cloud based language lab solution developed out from Sony US called SANSSpace which will add further value to any MOOC, as it has a unique compartaive recorder and player to allow teachers to bookmark any video and students to post their comments against that video in text, audio or video. All student reponses can be assessed and marked remotely by teachers. http://www.connectededucation.com/products-services/sans-space/
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