David Ball
Of direct relevance is the European project PASTEUR4OA (Open Access Policy Alignment Strategies for European Union Research - http://www.pasteur4oa.eu/).

The project encourages “the development of matching policies on Open Access and Open Data in the European Union … maximizing alignment with the Horizon 2020 policy on access to the research funded by the Commission. The project helps develop and/or reinforce Open Access strategies and policies at the national level and facilitate their coordination among all Member States.”

An early deliverable was the relaunch of ROARMAP, with nearly 700 policies classified under a new and comprehensive classification scheme. Building on an analysis of successful policies in ROARMAP, the project has produced guidelines on what makes a policy effective (see Alma Swan’s Open Access policy effectiveness: A briefing paper for research institutions - http://www.pasteur4oa.eu/sites/pasteur4oa/files/resource/Policy%20effectiveness%20-%20institutions%20final.pdf).

An extensive suite of resources, including this briefing paper, is at: http://www.pasteur4oa.eu/resources.
Mafalda Picarra
Dear David,

Thank you for sharing more information about the PASTEUR4OA project aims and resources (http://www.pasteur4oa.eu/resources).

The Open Access Policy Schema has been developed in collaboration between Jisc, Sherpa Services and ROARMAP and more information about the schema can be found in here: http://scholarlycommunications.jiscinvolve.org/wp/2015/11/30/a-schema-for-open-access-policies/
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