David Hughes
Shri. I remember the debate, I was trying to chair it! I like the sound of what you are doing and really pleased that you are using he materials ans maths app we helped develop. I agree that we should move beyond the term MOOC and worry more about how we use technology to personalise learning, engage new learners and provide support peer to peer as well as by professionals. Good luck and keep me posted. David
Interesting article, I have been talking to our library team about facilitating MOOCs for our mature students.
Your model, I think, wouldn't be a MOOC if it was only available through an intermediary. If that was so it would lose its 'openness' which is the most exciting part of a MOOC.
Smita Mathur
Using mediators is an excellent idea. We have used this model with our adult early childhood teachers who are first generation immigrants and college goers. They have limited fluency in written and spoken English and sometimes even Spanish. In order for them to maintain their teaching positions, they are required to take several courses in Early Childhood Education. While these teachers have great cultural competency, they lack language skills. Many end up taking online Child Development courses to meet the requirements. They succeed with the help of the "mediator" or "Scaffolds" of various kinds. I think a pilot is a great idea.
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