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Crack that code! This could be the week the magic happens...

At Jisc we believe that education technology (edtech) can improve education, research and student life – and not just in the classroom or lecture theatre. However, most of us are consumers of technology rather than producers. What would it take to learn how to code, or get into hardware hacking? >>

Students at the University of Bath coding with Arduino
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Students at the University of Bath coding with Arduino
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Martin Hamilton

How will Jisc help me use data in the future?

Right now at Jisc we have a number of prototypes under way to test and develop new solutions for universities and colleges. These cover a range of areas, including library usage data and analytics; on-line collaboration tools; software sustainability; research information and research data. >>

Rachel Bruce

No such thing as a free MOOC

In his recent Jisc blog, David Kernohan asks: ‘Why bother paying inflated fees to attend university? …What if you could get it all for free, online?’ Of course, it is tongue in cheek, because as my title above suggests, you don’t get something for nothing. >>

Jeff Haywood