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Offsetting agreements for open access publishing

Last year my colleague Lorraine Estelle blogged about how we've unpicked the full cost of publishing in open access (OA). She reported a sharp increase in article processing charges (APCs) from UK universities’ central funds, particularly over the previous two years.  >>

Liam Earney

How to prepare for the financial side of open access

Disruption in any sector naturally incurs costs in transitioning to a new model or way of working. Despite its promise to liberate research and benefit universities, the move to open access (OA) publishing is no exception - and a particularly topical issue with Open Access Week 2014 starting on Monday.  >>

Neil Jacobs

Top 10 tips on how to make your open access research visible online

So you’ve deposited your research paper in your institution’s online repository, now what? Just because it’s online, doesn’t automatically mean it’ll get lots of interest, you can harness the power of the social web to promote your papers and engage with your peers. >>

Brian Kelly