Judy Bloxham
Some useful links that relate to our post:
UNESCO ICT competency framework http://unesdoc.unesco.org/images/0021/002134/213475e.pdf
Innovate my school 6 ways to get your staff to engage with technology http://bit.ly/1Jgf8kb
Cooking up a tasty elearning menu - ideas for staff development http://gingerblox.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/cooking-up-tasty-e-learning-menu.html
Sandra Rennie
Really poor blurred sound quality on podcast with feedback . I dont think its my equipment as I haven't had problems with anything else
Tom Mitchell
Thanks for your feedback Sandra, I agree that the sound quality on the accompanying podcast is poor. Since that recording in May we have put processes in place to ensure that audio quality is much clearer and of a more professional standard.

Tom Mitchell, group social media manager at Jisc
Roy Heath
When teachers say "I don't do digital" they really mean I'm already feeling 'put-upon' and that if it is going to add to my already heavy workload I'm not interested. And of course there is also a genuine streak of technophobia there too. I personally have mixed feelings at the moment, despite using digital technology and equipment as a film and TV lecturer, but I'm warming to the idea and have enjoyed, and seen the benefits of using quiz and learning apps with my students in recent weeks.
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