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MOOCs and Open Courses – what's the difference?

The term Massively Open Online Course (MOOC) is increasingly being used generically – covering all forms on online learning at scale. But to do this makes a number of unsafe assumptions around intent and pedagogy – simply grouping everything by the price of the course is not enough. All MOOCs are not the same and all online learning at scale is not a MOOC! >>

Towards the 'Research Education Space' (RES)

As 2013 dawns, and with predictions from Cisco that by 2014, video will exceed 91% of global consumer traffic on the internet, it seems timely that a new Research Education Space from us at Jisc, the BBC and with our colleagues at the British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC) is also starting to form. >>

No such thing as a free MOOC

In his recent Jisc blog, David Kernohan asks: ‘Why bother paying inflated fees to attend university? …What if you could get it all for free, online?’ Of course, it is tongue in cheek, because as my title above suggests, you don’t get something for nothing. >>

Jeff Haywood