Ashley Leonard, CEO, Verismic
Hi Rob,

Great post. Your studies into energy related investment decisions reflect our own smaller-scale research.

In 2013, we surveyed 127 IT managers - 84 per cent per cent of respondents came from UK higher education, further education and secondary schools. Despite great interest in PC power management software there was sadly a lack of immediate priority by IT managers in education to deploy energy-based cost savings measures – a leaning towards likely use in 18 rather than 12-months. I believe this can be directly attributed to a lack of knowledge around the benefits for the institution and mis-perceptions as to the realistic and reportable cost-savings. As an industry, we all need to work to correct this.

Complementing your findings again, our survey also showed a second reason for the lack of priority around energy-based cost savings in education was because ‘cost-savings are not returned to my department’ [27 per cent of respondents making this claim]. By way of example, Loughborough University’s use of our own Verismic Power Manager has returned £60,000 over the past two years to the facilities team’s budget. They also achieved ROI in 3.7 months.

My belief is that in the short-term, IT managers must take a broader, corporate wide view of cost-savings, but long-term cross department working to transfer cost savings could be the answer to enabling greater adoption of power management technologies.
IT Support in Oxford
According to Firstline – IT in Oxford where much of the information here is gleaned, IT support should support the business, rather than the business support the IT support team.
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