Lynne Taylerson
Hi Andrew

Really interesting summary of critical themes. I've been lead researcher and author of an ETF-funded project on how well initial teacher education in the sector develops new practitioners' use of learning technology and the pedagogy surrounding it. We asked over 200 new practitioners and the same number of ILT managers their views on FELTAG and the future of ILT in the sector.

We've found that leadership and 'buy-in' from the highest levels of each organisation is vital to support development.

You can see our full findings at etfresearch.pbworks.com.

Best wishes
Roger Merritt
That's a really useful report Lynne. Thanks for the link. So 25% respondents think the FELTAG target of 10% online provision by 2015/16 is unrealistic? Hope NEC can help with that challenge!!
Can you say more about what "new digital leadership" means please? There seem to be very few uses of this term on the Jisc web site.


It could be referring to "leadership" in the development of digital technologies/tools/resources, but I'm not sure that is the case here?

From this page


I think it is referring to the effective use of digital technologies/tools/resources by people who are considered (or consider themselves) "leaders" i.e. a type of "digital literacy", focused on the requirements of one particular group within the institution?
Andy McGregor
Hi zaw

You are correct it is the second of your definitions that we mean. The focus on equipping leaders in institutions with the means to enhance the digital capability of their workforce is something that came out strongly in our April workshops. However we are currently in the process of consulting more widely with experts and practitioners in this area to refine the challenge and to identify possible solutions that institutions could use to address this challenge. So the scope of the challenge is likely to be refined and tweaked over the next month and a bit. We are aiming to identify the solutions we want to work towards at the end of September.

If you are interested in this area and have ideas or suggestions, we would be very keen to talk to you before the end of September.
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