Carly Lamont
Really interesting article Matt.
Have you any ideas how I could incorporate some AR into an Employability & Work-based Learning CPD Masterclass?
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
Matt Ramirez
Thanks Carly. Did you have any particular part of WBL in mind? AR works really well with abstract concepts that are often difficult for learners to understand using traditional teaching methods. Perhaps for shadowing/ mentoring colleagues in WBL, AR could be used for role-playing situations (e.g.customer services, helpdesk, enhancing communication skills). We collaborated with the University of Manchester medical school to develop some scenario based AR around Prescribing, more information can be found in the Jisc podcast - https://www.jisc.ac.uk/podcasts/augmented-reality-enhances-learning-at-manchester-medical-school-30-nov-2015. If you want to discuss this in more detail feel free to get in contact via email.
I think many people are underestimating the sheer potential of the AR market as well.


If gamers really got behind the tech, we'd see a surge of commercial support in r&d that could drive AR to the next level quickly. I think the demand is there among consumers, they just need to see the first streamlined offering.
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