Bob I would never say that bioinformatics is a sbeust of library work! No more than are printing, or grammar. But bioinformaticians produce information resources that are more or less easy to use, and new users may need assistance with using them. This is where it moves into library work. See the for librarians that NCBI provide.I am not sure what is involved in looking after data . The report suggests that the Data Librarian is mostly concerned with curation, preservation and archiving. That certainly includes a big chunk of metadata work, and also some routine work on the preservation side. I like the report's highlighting of the need for awareness raising this is something that fits with our current roles I think.One problem in many of these discussions is the use of the term data to cover various different kinds of data highly curated collections, large scale dataset gathering, lab-based data generation. These all have different patterns of generation and use and different lifetimes.
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