JISC eLearning Report Writing Workshop Resource Pack

Resource pack contents
This workshop took place on Wednesday 10th December and was open to projects funded within the eLearning Programme. The resources contained within this resource pack include all of the presentations, resources and materials made available on the day, and also include the feedback from workshop participants.

The aims of this workshop was to enable projects to:
  • get a better understanding of what JISC is looking for in terms of reporting/final reports
  • gain a better understanding of the purpose of reporting
  • see and experience different types of communicating project outputs

The full details of the workshop agenda can be viewed here.

This resouce pack is separated into five sections which covers the main sessions that took place during the workshop and includes a dedicated section on 'real-life' examples. Each section has its own page which include all the resources made available to workshop participants and the outputs created as a result of workshop activities.

  1. JISC eLearning templates and general guidance resources

  2. Final Report Expectations Activity

  3. Communicating Project Outputs

  4. Real-life JISC project examples

  5. Workshop Review