This project will investigate how best to support group collaboration using web-based tools in a federated environment.

Grouper to Support Federated Identity for Virtual Organisations

ReportThe Final Report is available here


This project (GFIVO) will investigate the use of Grouper and Shibboleth to provide an identity management infrastructure to support virtual organisations. The focus of this approach will be integration of this infrastructure with simple collaborative tools like wikis, blogs, and mailing lists. These tools will be integrated into a loosely coupled  collaborative platform to support group based collaborative work..   

Aims and objectives 

The aim of the project is to deploy  a group management infrastructure using the open source software package Grouper. The Grouper management infrastructure will be used to provide an integrated service of wikis blogs and mailing lists to support virtual organisation use cases. The project will act as a national demonstrator project for this approach. The team will disseminate and document the approach in an open and accessible way to provide a framework for others to follow.

Project methodology

The project will take an incremental staged approach to development with the lessons learned from each stage informing the following stages.

Anticipated outputs and outcomes

Guides on:

  • The setup of grouper
  • Integration of grouper with infrastructure
  • Homing of external identities (protect network etc)
  • The effectiveness of the approach

Technology / Standards used (if applicable)

  • Shibboleth
  • Grouper
  • e-framework


Lead Institution

Project Staff

Project Manager 
 Project Team
  • Chris Franks, Newcastle University, ISS 0191 222 3574 
  • Sanjay Vivek, Newcastle University, ISS 0191 222 8638 
  • Jon Dowland,  NewcastleUniversity, ISS
  • Gavin Younger, NewcastleUniversity, ISS

Documents & Multimedia

Start date
1 April 2007
End date
30 March 2009
Funding programme
e-Infrastructure Programme
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