Enriching Digital Resources is a strand of the Digitisation Programme. Totalling an investment of just under £2 million, it is aimed at developing the range and quality of digital resources available to the JISC community by digitising analogue collections and enhancing existing digital collections for use in learning, teaching and research.

Enriching Digital Resources 2008-09

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Running from October 2008-September 2009, the Enriching Digital Resources Programme funded 25 projects under 3 strategic headings:

  • Pilot and small-scale digitisation or smaller feasibility studies prior to larger scale activity
  • Enhancement of existing collections to help promote and further develop collections that have already been digitised but are currently underused or could benefit from extra development
  • Developing clusters of content by bringing together related digital resources
The Enriching projects will help bring the past into the present, allowing users the opportunity to look to the future and be a part of a critical mass of content that is helping change the way that all of us interact and intergrate with online digital content.

The projects are instinctively engaging with social networking tools and technologies enabling new users and communities to engage with this diverse and exciting content, and to ensure a presence in the online spaces that we already inhabit and are familiar with (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube).

The Enriching Digital Resources programme is a part of  the pioneering Digitisation Programme.


The projects

Anglo-Saxon Cluster

Develop a new thematic cluster of Anglo-Saxon materials, bringing together four existing online publications.

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Automatic Biodiversity Literature Enhancement (ABLE)
Establishing and extend information extraction techniques from scanned taxonomic literature in the Biodiversity Heritage Library

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Climbie Inquiry Data Corpus Online
An archive of transcriptions of the examination of witnesses at a child protection inquiry after the murder of 8-year-old girl Victoria Climbié
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Creating Heritage Artefacts for Research and Teaching in an e-Repository (CHARTER)
A small-scale digitisation pilot which will deliver an open-access repository populated with a critical mass of 4000 digital images
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Digitisation of Countryside Images
13,000 glass plate negatives from the Farmer and Stockbreeder and Farmers Weekly photographic archive, dating from 1920-1965
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East London Lives: A Digital Archive of 'London 2012'
A 'living' archive that will record and reflect on the process of social change in East London arising from hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
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Man praying in a stained glass windowEnhancing Stained Glass Studies
This project will deliver enhanced metadata, an improved public interface, and a facility to create and manage user-generated content to the Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi (CVMA) website
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Enhancing the VADS Image Collection
Automatically share data with the growing Institutional Repository network; improve the academic user experience; facilitate greater academic use .
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Enlightening Science: Teaching and Learning Newtonianism in the 18th and 21st Centuries
Will create a series of tools and functionalities that will allow both general and expert users to understand Newton's scientific achievements
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Enriching the First World War Poetry Archive
Enhancing the WW1 Poetry Digital Archiveresources by making them more useful to practitioners and tying them in directly to curricula.
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Eton Myers Collection Virtual Museum
Creating 3D models museum objects through laser scanning in conjunction with the generation of a catalogue creating an Internet based Virtual Museum.
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Exposing Marandet: French Plays from the 18th and 19th Centuries
The aim of the Exposing Marandet project is to digitise and make freely available 1500 18th and early 19th century French plays
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Furer-Haimendorf Archive digitisation
This project will digitise, research and produce metadata for approximately 20,000 photographs and an unpublished field diary from the Fürer-Haimendorf archive
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Houses of ParliamentHistorical Hansards: Completing the jigsaw
The project will take more than 50 years of debates from the Upper Chamber of the Northern Ireland Parliament from 1921 to 1972, the Senate Hansard, and make it available online.
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Pathology SlideImage Path
The aim of the project is to scan interesting cases from the early part of the 20th Century to provide a rich educational and research resource of diseases that is not available anywhere else.
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In the Bigynnyng: The Manchester Middle English Digital Library
This project aims to digitise all 41 medieval English manuscripts, a total of approx 12,000 images.

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Musicians of Britain and Ireland 1900-1950
Musicians of Britain and Ireland 1900-1950 (MBI) recovers and publishes for free download some 2000 recordings of leading musicians who in their time formed the backbone of the record company catalogues.
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Resurrecting the Past: Virtua Antiquities in the 19th Century
This project aims to develop and digitise at the University of Bristol a collection of material of the Pompeii Court of the Crystal Palace presented in Second Life.
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A map of SudanSudan Archive Digitisation Project
This project will digitise key printed and archive resources from Durham University's Sudan Archive to make them freely accessible via the internet to scholars all over the world.
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The MoDiP (Museum of Design in plastics) Digitisation Project
This project involves the creation of the world’s largest and highest quality digital record of artefacts demonstrating design in plastics
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The Serving Soldier
The Serving Soldier will provide first time digital access to unique and nationally significant archives held in the Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives.
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UK Colonial Registers and Royal Navy Logbooks: Making the past available for the future
This project will digitise marine meterological data from colonial (especially lighthouse) records and from the logbooks of Royal Navy vessels through from the 18th century .
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Versatile Digitisation Framework
This project (VERDI) will develop a technical framework for the digitisation, cataloguing and web presentation of specialist material.

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Virtual Manuscript Room
The Virtual Manuscript Room (VMR) will bring together digital resources related to manuscript materials

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Welsh Ballads: Completing the British Ballad Network
The Welsh Ballads project will fill the final gap in the network of digitized collections of printed ballads around Britain, the Bodleian, National Library of Scotland and Glasgow University
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  • Ben Showers, Programme Manager, Digital Infrastructure

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  • Catherine Grout, Programme Director, e-Content

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Start date
1 October 2008
End date
30 September 2009
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