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  • Blurring the line between real and virtual worlds

    Blurring the line between real and virtual worlds
    Is Augmented Reality ready to take its place in the real world?

  • A bright future for independent Jisc in 2013

    A bright future for independent Jisc in 2013
    A new organisation, a new beginning and new focus – that is the way Jisc is shaping up to meet the challenges of the coming years.

  • Top 5 anti e-reader list

    Top 5 anti e-reader list
    Ben Showers Jisc programme manager share views thoughts on the longevity of e-book readers in rapidly change tech world

  • The future of research

    The future of research
    Sarah Porter Jisc’s head of innovation and Torsten Reimer Jisc programme manager share their views on what is coming over the horizon

  • Reliving the Blitz

    Reliving the Blitz
    Interactive map shows where bombs hit

  • Too busy to tweet

    Too busy to tweet
    Automate your computer to network while you work

  • Transatlantic views on the future of scholarly discourse

    Transatlantic views on the future of scholarly discourse
    Jisc and CNI experts share their thoughts on different aspects of the evolution of scholarly research

  • Major upgrade for Janet

    Major upgrade for Janet
    The latest investment in Janet will support the changing needs of education and research for at least a decade

  • Top open access research tips

    Top open access research tips
    Find out how Jisc is supporting the UK efforts to adopt open practices

  • Analytics for student retention

    Analytics for student retention
    Analytics is an emerging discipline that can help organisations get more from their data mountains for learner retention

  • Top 10 higher education blogs

    Top 10 higher education blogs
    Read our recommendations for the blogs that will help you stay informed

  • Research information management

    Research information management
    We share how you can sharper up your current research information management processes as well as save time and money

  • Bring your own device

    Bring your own device
    Find out how mobile devices are being welcomed into college classrooms to improve learner engagement

  • 2012 paralympics legacy

    2012 paralympics legacy
    A lasting legacy for all learners with the uptake of accessible technologies

  • Smarter working

    Smarter working
    Jisc programme managers Chris Brown and Torsten Reimer explore some of the changes that could be transforming a research environment near you very soon

  • Data-driven approach

    Data-driven approach
    Experts Max Hammond, Paul Walk and Rachel Bruce explain how the data driven approach could improve and transform the operations of universities and colleges in the UK

  • International students

    International students
    Digital technologies are being used to support the recruitment and retention of high quality, well-motivated overseas learners

  • Stairway to cloud computing

    Stairway to cloud computing
    We explore the benefits and costs of cloud computing for you to see where it can fit into your business model

  • Q&A: Improving digital literacy

    Q&A: Improving digital literacy
    How can I ensure my students and staff are digitally literate?

  • Jisc events roundup

    Jisc events roundup
    A round-up of events where you can talk to JISC experts


Welcome to the winter edition of Jisc Inform.  We’ve taken the opportunity to have a bit of a refresh and come up with what we think is a brighter, cleaner design – we hope you agree.

Once again this issue has an eclectic mix of articles covering  a variety of topics, looking at how we, together with our partners, projects, funders, and owners, are aiming to help you find ways to get the most out of your digi tech.

We also do a bit of future gazing, Jisc programme managers Andy McGregor and Myles Danson look at future trends in digital analytics and Sarah Porter head of Jisc innovation and Torsten Reimer one of our programme managers, give you their top seven predictions for the future of research.

And to save you a little time in hunting them down, our expert blogger and programme manager, David Kernohan gives you his view of the top ten higher education blogs. From blogs we move to mobile apps with our feature on how colleges are embracing their learners’ texting in the lectures by encouraging learners to BYOD – bring your own device to learn.

Don’t agree with our experts? Let us know, because we welcome your feedback and suggestions – not just on the articles in this issue, but for possible future topics for us to cover.

We hope you enjoy the read.

Rebecca Whitehead

Charlie Covington

Rebecca Whitehead
(Editorial team)

Charlie Covington

Inform archive


Edited by: Rebecca Whitehead and Charlie Covington

Design: iD Factory

Contributors: Charlotte Covington, Christine Gormley, Brian Kelly, Michelle Pauli, Sarah Porter, Caroline Pritchard, Torsten Reimer, Ben Showers, Rebecca Whitehead and Nicola Yeeles. We’d also like to thank all the many people who have contributed their expertise to this edition.

Jisc Inform is produced by Jisc to raise awareness of the use of technology in supporting further and higher education in the UK. Contributing authors include members of the Jisc family of services and initiatives, Jisc’s partners and staff working in the further and higher education and skills sectors. The views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of Jisc.

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