Issue 33 / Spring 2012


Welcome to this Spring edition of JISC Inform

In this issue we look at how JISC is working with you to make the most out of your working days. We offer you an insight into how to get the best out of social media including effective blogging with JISC’s award nominee blogger Brian Kelly; Grace Owen, JISC’s communications manager, on successful hybrid events, and Steph Gray, director of Helpful Technology on thinking strategy.

As we are all working to achieve the best results in an ever changing environment JISC’s Sarah Porter shares her thoughts and predictions for tech-enabled universities – and Jennifer Jones, a researcher in the West Midlands and on the West Coast of Scotland, shares her day as an open researcher.

Keeping the theme of sharing knowledge online, we were lucky enough to catch up with Professor Robert Darnton, director of Harvard University library on a rare visit to the UK. In our UK exclusive interview Professor Darnton, the driving force behind the Digital Library of America, shares his advice to the UK on how to build a UK digital library. His passionate and inspiring JISC/SCONUL lecture can also be viewed as part of this interview.

Throughout this edition you’ll see comment boxes and functionality allowing you to upload your own links to video and comments to add to the articles. Each article also has its own url, which means if you find a particular topic or article of interest, you can forward it on to colleagues or add the #jiscinform tag to blog and Tweet about it.

As always we value your views and suggestions. Please do let us know what you like, what needs work and how we can provide articles you really want to read – email us by clicking on the links below.

Best wishes

Rebecca and Nicola



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Edited by: Rebecca O'Brien and Nicola Yeeles
Design: iD Factory
Christine Gormley, Brian Kelly, Michelle Pauli, Caroline Pritchard, Nicola Yeeles.

JISC Inform is produced by JISC to raise awareness of the use of technology in supporting further and higher education in the UK. Contributing authors include members of the JISC family of services and initiatives, JISC's partners and staff working in the FE and HE sectors. The views expressed by contributors are not necessarily those of JISC.

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